User Agreement & Terms of Service

By using the web site ("Service"), or any services of SalesBOS Solutions Inc. ("SalesBOSS"), you are agreeing to be bound by the following terms and conditions ("User Agreement"). If you are the designated "owner" for an Account, you must also agree to be bound by the Terms of Service as outlined below, which describe the policies and fees for using the Service.

User Agreement

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Terms of Service

The following terms and conditions only apply to the account owner.

Fees for Service
  • Each account must have an account owner. The account owner is solely responsible for all charges on the account, and must keep their contact and billing information current on the website.
  • The account owner can view account balance and pricing structure from the Account screen. This page can be found by clicking the link labeled "Account" once logged in.
  • By selecting a subscription plan, you agree to pay SalesBOSS the monthly, semi-annual, or annual subscription fees indicated for that service. Payments will be charged on the day you sign up for a paid plan and will cover the use of that service as indicated. Service fees are not refundable.
Trial / Test Drive Accounts

All trial and test drive registrations automatically convert to "Per Listing" accounts. Per Listing accounts remain active including all new listing notification emails until such time as they are delete by the user. All deleted accounts lose all data, images and designs. Setup fees will apply to create a new account for any previous customer. There are no ongoing monthly costs for Per Listing accounts. Only when credits are purchased and used for specific listings does an owner incur any costs.

Subscription Plans

The following terms apply for any account that is enrolled in subscription plan:

  • A subscription plan allows for the generation of FABsheets for unlimited listings, unlimited sizes and versions for the use by the account owner (and their registered team members for team accounts) only.
  • All Owner uploaded designs must contain the owner and their contact information as the the primary brand.
  • Any use of an Owner's account to generate FABsheets for un-registered Realtor or non Owner based brand will result in immediate termination of the Owner's account, forfeit of the remainder of the subscription period without refund. Additional setup fees will be required to re-activate a terminated account.
  • Payments will be charged on the day you sign up for a subscription plan and will cover the use of the service for a month, semi-annual or annual period as indicated. Service fees are not refundable.
  • By signing up for an account, the owner agrees to pay SalesBOSS the setup fees and monthly hosting fees indicated at signup, in exchange for the services provided.
  • Applicable fees will be invoiced starting from the day the owner enrolls in a paid plan and in advance of using such services.
  • The owner may upgrade their account to a more expensive account. When this occurs, the account owner will be charged the pro-rated amount for the upgrade. The current date and the end date of the current billing cycle will be used to calculate the correct amount.
  • The owner may not downgrade their account to lower cost account until the end of a billing cycle and with at least 10 business days email notice. Account downgrades can only occur once per calander year.
  • If an owner does not renew their account, their account will convert to a "Per Listing" account. Setup fees may apply to re-activate a subscription.
FABsheet Service and Partner Subscription Credits

The following conditions apply to the purchase and use of FABsheet Service and Partner Subscription Credits:

  • FABsheet Service Credits are the FABsheet currency for activating a listing or purchasing concierge and other services related to a listing.
  • Partner Subscription Credits are bulk or special promotion purchased annual subscription credits that Partner's sometimes hold in their account for assigning to an existing or future Realtor Owner.
  • Credits purchased are non-refundable unless an account is terminated.
  • Upon termination of an account, the total of credits used from the most recent purchase block will be re-valued at the highest credit cost. This cost will be deducted from the total most recent credit purchase amount and the balance remaining refunded to the credit card they were purchased from through PayPal.
  • Credits can be used for a variety of SalesBOSS related services as defined by SalesBOSS from time to time.
  • A Partner Account that falls delinquent, may have existing credits converted at the highest credit rate, to keep the account in good standing. Once credits have been used for this purpose they can not be reversed when the account is brought into good standing. Once all credits are consumed the account may be disabled.
Partner Accounts

In addition to terms defined for Owners and subscriptions, the following additional terms apply for any account created by a "Partner" including and Real Estate related service that sponsor an Owner (Realtor)'s access or use of

  • A Partner Account allows for a 3rd party to pay all or part of a owner's subscription or per listing account at the acceptance of the account Owner.
  • Partner's must maintain a monthly partner subscription plan in paid and active status to maintain an active Partner Account. Any rejected monthly payments will have 10 days to bring current. After 10 days a manual payment is required at an additional cost of 1 credit. Accounts that remain unpaid for 30 days will be disabled. Reactivation of disabled accounts will incure a reactivation fee of $50 plus $10 per Owner sponsorship being re-activated. No refunds for pre-paid subscription sponsorships are provided and no compensation allowed for lost sponsorship time due to an inactive Partner Account.
  • All Partner sponsorships are non-exclusive and at the discretion of the Realtor Owner.
  • When a Partner pays for an Owner's annual subscription, the Partner is the exclusive advertiser on the Owner's FABsheets while the subscription is active and the Partner is in good standing. The Owner reserves the right to terminate the subscription at which time the Partner will receive a pro-rated refund of the subscription amount for annual subscriptions. Monthly subscriptions terminate at the end of the subscription period.
  • Partner Accounts that are terminated, non-renewed or disabled due to a breach of the Terms & Conditions or for not maintaining the monthly subscription, are no longer able to sponsor past, current or future Owners until such time as the account is brought back into good standing.
Contact Information and Account Cancelation
  • The account owner must maintain a current email address on the web site.
  • The account owner is solely responsible for properly canceling or changing their Service. An email is sufficient and effective when a confirmation response is received and the request verbally verified by phone.
  • All account Content will be immediately deleted from the Service upon cancelation. This information can not be recovered once your account is canceled.

Last Modified: January 15, 2018